LA FEMME DC aka Claire La Femme DC r Larry THORNE, Special Forces Officer, who died in Vietnam during second tour there. My cousin loved to watch Seka and Emmanuelle, (this is why I took his last name for my stage name Claire ANDERSON because of the Swedish Erotica.  Colonial Military French SAIGON,  During French colonial war in Vietnam, Emmanuelle worked there with a handsome opium drug dealer as his mistress and lover. Then French left and American soldiers came to Vietnam and to SAIGON and this French man gave Emmanuelle to an American man in order to get away from the military police (US forces). Of course there is Russian roulette, fights in the cage and beautiful French Vietnamese                *La Femme DC listing on the  AVN listing

LA Femme DC  Movie VOD on AEBN:



New SHOOT wth beautiful actress from Los Angeles KIRA SILVER who currently resides in Baltimore, MD.

We did this last shoot in HAGERSTOWN, MD,  last week  with photographer STEVE WEBB. Steve is very notorious on the MODEl MEYHEM website.


03/22/2009  GENT STUDIO DUNGEON in New Jersey: (  CLIPS in ADOBE FLASH Updates;  "GENT" DUNGEON in NEW JERSEY. CLIPS with Dominatrix ANNEKE PLEASURES of CT-NY, (AnnekeExposed DOT com) n a very Hot and Beautiful BLOODY RED and DARK NIGHT BLACK Dungeon. The CLIPS consist of: 1. Smocking CIGARS and CIGARETTES, 2. Dominatrix and Slave Playing Games on the BOARD with Dildo Training, 3). ANNEKE Vacuum cleaned the cigars and cigarettes ashes in Dominatrix Dress: Black and Burgundy colored VINYL, 4). Claire La Femme DC Jumping on the Trampoline for 5 minutes. NUDE Jumping. 5). Dress Room : getting dressed up

This is a Free Clip from the movie "No Cum Spitting" by "Anarchy"


6). Tooth Brushing in front of each other and ANTON FURY.

AntonFury DOT com  & AnnekeExposed DOT com


03/02/2009  RUDE Britannia Video Clips:  acting stars Frankie. Alexis May, Claire LaFemme DC, Lolita, Andrea, Linda, Warren, Pasqual, TOny.

Shot in SOHO and in MAYFAIR London UK

Watch a Free CLIP from the MOVIE by RUDE BRITANNIA:


Claire TONY and JOHNNY in Studio in MAYFAIR London, by "RUDE BRITANNIA" Red Light LONDON", 2). bellow  LINDA, WARREN & Claire Mayfair in London, UK

            3. STUDIO in SOHO LONDONXXX


Claire LA FEMMEDC , Alexis MAY & SAM, SOHO Studio, LONDON. UK


02/12/2009 We updated with a new photos from LONDON photo and video making studio "Rude Britannia", where I shoot with Alexis MAY, PAsqual from Belgique, TONY, JOHNNY, FRANKIE, Andrea, Lolita and Make up artist ALISHA. Alisha likes PRINCE and listens to Prince all the time.The shot was conducted in two different locations in London, SOHO and Mayfair. I arrived in London airport late at night with UNITED airlines. Richard and Claudia met me at the gate with Flowers and escorted me to Hotel in LONDON. It was phenomenal. I was staying in the middle of LONDON close to SOHO and Square. After taking showers and changing cloth we went to a very chic restaurant night club in LONDOn,and then immediately after that started our work in SOHO. more Free end photos are on page and inside of my Private Reserve collection inside of members area.


02/09/2009, I received a letter from SWAMI of Boston Radio network, i hope i am correct: USA network, that an interview taken from me by
Rhiannon, Editor-In-Chief and Talent Coordinator for "GENT" magazine, and me: La Femme DC and Swami, in April 2008. It was an interview about La femme DC during Adult Video networking Convention in Las Vegas, NV, and " HOW CLAIRE BECAME A PORN STAR" INTERVIEW:



Busty Cougar Claire La Femme DC


Actually it is not a rocket science. Old School:  get yourself in the right place , make yourself noticeable and try to sell your talent. Or in Los ANGELES when you know where to go an to whom to turn to. It actually gives me an idea to start and to open a modeling agency or a talent brokerage agency since I got to be so good in that.



January 21 2009 The Inauguration day and parade and so much is going on. My freinds are in town AMBER FOXXX and DICK Johnson,  you can view their sites from they own websites  and Google for DICK road trips on Google. COM  they flew in from IOWA and were here the whole week. We had a nice visit in my studio I kind of was not myself due to personal reasons but we nevertheless had nice company while all those limos with Illinois State and DC State and MD and VA state and NYC state too  were cruising in DC making their waves and gridlocks in DC. DC is not Chicago, it is not certainly not MANHATTAN and there is simply no place for large in size stretched limos-- because there is no place. It was built long time ago. Much before Chicago was built. so all the cars in downtown were in gridlock and redirected in anyway because the whole city was like a fish-farm with politicians and drunk lobbyist and staffers and millions of tourists and residents of DC who I think deserve first right for this. not to be abused on the streets driving on the streets. SO it was FUN but COLD. The security was all around and in the air. It was a truly very historic Day. Then later when they left SEXY VANESSA  arrived and we had a lovely Dinner in Georgetown restaurant called "FINO" Ristorante on M Street. LA FEMME DC and SEXY VANESSA will be available together in NYC MANHATTAN for appearances and in Washington DC. CLICK on the pictures to ENLARGE it :-)


Washington, D.C.  March 22 2009  In La Femme DC STUDIO in DC Chinatown.

My freinds from Midwest and pornstars Amber FOXXX and DICK Johnson visited Washington DC for inauguration week and we had wonderful time together as good freinds and actors!When we drove on North Capitol Street towards Capitol and Capitol HIll, the traffic was jammed: bumper 2 bumper. Amber has website

Here are some photos from LASt HISTORIC week.  CLICK!  OOPS this is my boobs... Ok NEXT:MAN in front of the building selling OBAMA FLAGSBeautiful F STREET stretched between SMITHSONIAN'S and WHITE houseTUNNEL 395 was closed for Traffic and opened for PEOPLE OBAMA FREE MARKET on MASSACHUSETTS avenue everything from the CAMPAIGN on SALE  buy one get one free

AUTHORAGAIN the TUNNEL  because it is not for PEOPLEDAY after INAUGURATION NORTH of TREASURYBUSES on the top of the TUNNEL 395  MANy BUSSESMORE BUSSESMore Busses but this is another CORNER

This is the street where streetwalkers were working at night all summer. About last January 1, 2009  it all stopped and they are no more. Its about time -- because the revenue of the city depended on the safety of the streets. The PRESIDENT OBAMA drove on this Street too to his last Ball to the DC ARMORY in North East DC near Robert KENNEDY  Stadium.You could say the PRESINDENT was going somewhere by hearing all that Noise around him -- helicopters, medical ambulances, firetrucks, secret services, polices,motorcicles, you name it he got it. I know:  we are paying for it too.But -- Its fun to watch and it is Beautiful.And Classy and Glamourous to see President and Mrs. Obama in the black shining limo. it was WOW the WHOLE WEEK. La femme DC reporting from My STREET.

JAN 2,2009 UPDATES:  Claire La Femme DC &  ICARUS CORPSE  --- in HOLLYWOOD CALIFORNIA productions date MAY 2008. Dec 13, 2008:  Gallery of photos from Internext 2008  in Hollywood FL. Photos of John Sagliano of EVIl ANGEL, with Max Hardcore, AVN attorney, Laurie a model of PLAYBOY magazine,  PORNODAN etc etc/

August 2008  Updated site with photo galleries and videos clips with a shoot with JOHN DRAGON  from his Garden studio in Studio City California AUG 20 2008

June 5 2008 Videos and photos from Aux des Provence France

I have new updates on my website in the section Videos and photo gallery.

It is content from Nice and Cannes and Aux-des-Provence, South of France in a marvelous resort in the mountains. There are also Free Video Clips

added to my FREE END of entrance of website on the INTRO page on the left. Please note that my first website "The Fairy of the RED POPPY"

is back on line and is fully functional. I usually give free pass to  to the subscribers of my main website




For Claire LaFemmeDC, LaFemmeDC, La Femme DC, Claire Anderson

film credits please visit and enter small letters

claire LaFemmeDC/porn star. Or these links: (cliquez-s'il vous plait!)

Claire LaFemmeDC Porn Star on Excalibur

Interrogation Games



Jan. 7-15 in Las Vegas at the VENETIAN AVN convention. I arrived on the 7th and stood for a night in a small motel North Part of Las Vegas, further in the desert and area 51:-) (I learned about Area 51 and UFOs in my VEGAS trip and from the Channel Vegas local news , Needless to say I became a UFO enthusiast.)  Jan 9 -AVN started and I moved in VENETIAN suite. On this day I met Charlie BIGS and URBANO from Filmco, and Vincent Miller, and Rhylee and Rhyse Richards.  Jan 10,  I started going down to AVN from my suite and met walking RON JEREMY   with his entourage of Sam And Michelle and many others. i made a pictures with Michelle and we exchanged autographs :- with phone numbers. The same day I was with Dino Bravo and his freind pronstarm we met Joe Gallant at the B2B level and at the same time I was recruited to work for a Brandon D. of . We did a movie.  11-Jan. I shot for Black Market with Eton Hunt in another hotel and later on was with my freinds at the circle bar of VENETIAN and in POKER room with my Italian friends. There were Massino, rom TV Italy, and Dino Bravo and Mark Stewer and many others. 12 Jan. Last day we shoot with Anneke, and then Michelle and Sam came in the suite and we went together to the floor in SANDS. I met with Stoney Curtis and other porn stars, we stopped at tje Hot Movies BOOTh where RON JEREMY was, and many stars were hangin out there. Later in the evening we were again at te party and another party and another party... 13 Jan i moved to Stratosphere for More UFO experience. On 15th at 5 :30  me, Porn Dan and his wife KYRA were on our way driving down to Los ANGELES.  I was staying for two nights in Hollywood Hills, and shoto for Jeff Coldwater with Python Leigh, I shot for NAUGHTY AMERICA n 16th Jan, with Alex GONZ ( I met with John Dragon and went to stay in Chatsworth closer to productions site.

I met again for a jobs with Stoney Curtis in Woodland Hills, and shot again with Christian for JEFF.   The same evening on the 19th we had a party for all of us, and MAE VICTORIA a beautiful Lebanese looking porn star who belly danced for us was dancing there. 19thJan I drove to San Francisco, through the desert. It was cool nice drive. The same evening we shot a late night movie for a San Francisco website. I stood in the nice hotel with a view on the Pacifica SKY line and a ARTICHOKE JOE Chinese-Philippine Casino. It is one of those Casinos like from the Jean Claude VAN DAMMe movies illegal underground gambling and fighting with knives halls... but no Artichoke JOE is a legal casino not largely advertised but I was there :-) By the way the previously invitation o 2006 when i was in San Francisco for a Hong Kong adult film company was located there in the same place.


Hollywood Hills California- and San Fernando Valley working film tour September 26 to October 13th 2007. We did a lot of productions for the directors of the Film studios in SFV: I shoot for and with John Dragon,  and for directors from FilmCo with Rick Masters porn star. I shoot with Rick again upon my return back from San Francisco, Ca,  where I was for one week.

In meanwhile there was a release of my new movie:  "Rome II" with Amber Foxxx and Dick Johnson or Big Dick,  and another movie that has been released for distribution is 'Red Light PHILADELPHIA"  Swedish La Femme DC & Gina de Palma".

Both movies can be downloaded from my website,  separately or from this theater website, search for Claire LaFemmeDC, or LaFemmeDC studio.

I will be back in San Fernando Valley in January 2008 after the AVN convention.

S O U T H   B E A C H    M I A M I added to S/2 section August 21,2007


LaFemmeDC and ERIN in Hollywood, Fl 2007 LaFemmeDC in DELANO AUG 2007

Claire LaFemmeDC & ERIN from NV,                        AMBER FOXXX & KIRA SILVER et MOI,                                                                            c'est Mois  a SOUTH BEACH


France Nice Cannes-En PROVENCE, La Belle France 

(added to S/2 section August 21,2007)




See me in the JULY 2007 ISSUE of 'GENT" magazine. Las Vegas Issue.

This is from the DICK JOHNSON and AMBER FOXXX websites Amber




UNE 19-30 HOLLYWOOD HILLS California-San Fernando Valley  LA EROTICA



Claire LaFemmeDC,  Casino "PARIS" in Las Vegas during ... shot of "SLOTS MACHINE" for Captain BOB, and CITRIC. 23 JUNE 2007

NICK MILO LOS Angeles Studio 25 June 2007


NICK MILO and LaFemmeDC in LOS ANGELES, 29 JUNE 2007 LOS ANGELES. With Legendary  ECHO VALLEY and  POWDER from K-SEX Radio


for 2 weeks,  I am a home now, IN Washington DC. I worked immediately I stepped on the ground. For many studios. Immortal l JIM MORRISON on the FRONT of THEATER where he performed when he was alive.


PORNOPOLUUZA an event to Salute "GENT" magazine in a Gentlemen Club "New RITZ"  on South Broadway, in Little ITALY in

Baltimore.   Organized by  and sponsored by  Search for Models for GENT magazine. FEB 2007

Baltimore, MD               BOOTH 3012 AVN

BOOTH 3102 of GINA de PALMA, and her

here we are at the AEE AVN  Claire signing Autographs, Claire LaFemmeDC KISS with AMBER FOXXX, HOUSTON ULUVPUNANI from NYC and Claire LafemmeDC & Gina De PALMA  & FAN in between DeeDeeDeeDeeDeeDeeDees Full SIZED WOMEN.

DREAM! LaFemmeDC  SCROLL DOWN FOR Full COVERAGE I all keep this gallery this size for another 2 weeks. Scandinavian Erotic Airlines High-Miles SWEDISH 69 Club's Captain



  CARA LOTT, BAADMASTER et LaFemmeDC  I was in hospital for FLU SHOT but the nurse infected me with bad needle in DC Public clinic.

 So there it is my arm and I smelled ICE COLD cream. I could not move my arm but I was such a trooper to be at AVN the whole time.


KSEX RADIO Talk show -- BAADMASTER, and CARA LOTT (left)        


Claire LaFemmeDC  made it finally back to the windy and freezing North East of the USA after my extended voyage in the Western territories of Grand USA: NEVADA and CALIFORNIA. I  started my GOLDEN RUSH  and BARBARY COAST  Journey from Las Vegas, Adult Entertainment Film convention in Las Vegas NV,  10-13 JAN.2007, with driving continuation to LOS ANGELES.
I was silly enough to believe that this driving will indeed be a straight shot voyage  but how silly was I it was not straight shot from route15 from Las Vegas to San Diego-- as I needed to go to BEVERLY HILLS.  As night approached and i still was on the road 15 CA   decided to take a sleep over in a small ghost town motel, it was cold, in the high desert, and motel was also cold, and water was also cold, and wind was blowing from the door holes right at my bed. So it was very interesting experience after staying 5 nights in  the luxury of the Venetian Casino. Next afternoon I was in sunny Beverly Hills.  After Beverly Hills and San Fernando Valley
I drove again but now North West  via Central California valley (desert)  of  Wasco, Salinas  San LUIS OBISPO, GILLROY and Modesto and Harris RANCH with millions of cows and smell for tens of miles, to the Capitol of YAHOO and GOOGLE and PAYPAL and eBAY  in Silicon Valley. It was rather cool to stay in the hotel next door to the ADOBE Building, with a grand RED sign of ADOBE on the ROOF of the sky scriber, and feeling like at home in a homeland of Apple.

After a short break in San Jose i continued up NORTH  to San Francisco West Bay area Burlingame.

and finished with a stay for 2 days in a beautiful city on the bay, San Francisco -- in the NORTH BEACH-EMBARCADERO.
I will post photos from SAN FRANCISCO  Famous Broadway -Columbus and north Beach photos 

It was a beautiful weather,  beautiful view on the East Bay Bridge which reminds me of Brooklyn bridge,


on one site EAST  and Golden Gate bridge on the other site from the Glass like cube suite of modern art hotel in San Francisco 25 th FLOOR.


  Claire LaFemmeDC & Gina De PALMA in Gina's STUDIO in NYC.

I choose name STAGE name Claire ANDERSSON  to be in adult film industry, because name LaFemmeDC  is a character that covers much more other adventures and travels and RISQUÉ Soldier of Fortune style operations.

    08-16 JANUARY 2007 Claire LaFemmeDC (Claire ANDERSSON) will be at the AVN AEE, I will be signing Autographs at the Booth of GINA De PALMA 's   Booth # 3102  FLOOR SHOW, SANDS EXPO CENTER Las Vegas Nevada. Gina's  TALENT AGENCY  "DDD Entertainment", Booth # 3102 and you can find me there or all around the place in between. I will be in VEGAS and will be available to filming and modeling. BUT I need to have information in advance and your expectations must meet my requirements.  It must be in accordance with USC 2257, please read the law as it is listed on  USC 2257 LEGAL. please email me your credits, URL,and past experience, photos. MERCI hugs and kisses! I am very excited!  See You at the Las VEGAS AVN  show.     



UPDATES:  DEC 11,2006:  LaFemmeDC in San Francisco.  LaFemmeDC

DIGEST from PENINSULA of San Francisco, Silicon Valley & Sausalito, where I

partied with Producer from "VIRGIN  RECORDS" (real thing & POOR MEN COCAINE) and

visited JERRY GARCIA Studios in a mile-stretched LIMO with "VIRGIN" PLATES.

Photo Update about it is located inside of my section: PHOTOS  on the bottom of regular GALLERY list.


 UPDATES: DEC 2,2006  Me and My English and My Hong Kong Friends  DECEMBER 3,


yep here I was... PENINSULA, SAN FRAN, Koreans, Pilipino Chinese, Russians, Thai, on  Picture.


  2006  VIDEO STREAM FILM----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

LaFemmeDC®, Inc.   My BLOG Claire LaFemmeDC  DECEMBER 2, 2006

NOVEMBER a HISTORIC CHINESE Variation Tour to SAN FRANCISCO to work for HONG KONG -UK JOINT PRODUCTIONS. See my PHOTO section and VIDEO section.(HONG KONG Productions)

NOVEMBER 6-1, 2006,   back from San Francisco where I was working with a company from Hong Kong in peninsula.

It was quite an experience and extremely HIGH RISQUÉ enterprise. But all over --we are getting

our productions to the Chinese Market. The sad and bad part is that China is still communist and they don't really like it. As a matter of fact the founder of first

and largest pornographic websites in China was arrested and sentences to prison for a long period of time. And his assets in China only  were appropriated by the Communist China Govt. (SOURCE: AVN newsletter daily about what is going on in the Adult trade around the Globe. )

 (the communists leaders probably will waste and spent it all in poker  in Las Vegas.)


       with Al & Mac in "Indo China",


OCTOBER 2006 ISSUE "GENT" Magazine,  International,  - with LUCY Asian Kitty from NYC (JAPAN) and Amber Foxx from Chicago.

Her website is. Anton's Fury website is  Click here to go there now. click on "PHOTOS".  You can buy magazine

October 2006 n book stores on Adult magazines stands.  for OCTOBER 2006 with Amber FOXXX  and Asian LUCY.



HOT MOVIES:  You can now review collection of the movies of me and Rick Masters, Guy di Silva, Hot Angelina, Clyde KAYCEE Monroe

                                                                              & LaFemmeDC Black Market!

         search for DVD: Red Light of London. "RUDE Britannia"

Red Light London starring Claire Andersson
Red Light London  DVD Red Light London Box Art.
Starring: Claire Andersson, Alexis, Andrea, Frankie, Lolita, Tony, Pascal, Dougie, Rob, Warren.
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LaFemmeDC® is a registered in the USA trademark and information about legal documentation pertaining to my trademark

can be found on this page:




6-9 SEPTEMBER, 2006 CHICAGO. FILM with Crystal Main and Dick Johnson in CHICAGO.

and with Dick Johnson and Crystal Main in Chicago movies. I update my website this weekend with more photos of me and Brittany Blaze, who currently is touring Northern California. I will be on a shoot in Northern California in SILICON Valley and San Francisco on 5-14 NOV.

21 AUG is my Birthday!   I am a combination of LEO and VIRGO.



Mid-AUG, 2006   the  "GENT"  is in Adult Book stores !!!   Purchase Claire And Tory edition of "GENT". Photos of me and Tory Tyler of printed in GENT AUGUST  2006 and in Gent magazine. Buy GENT in Bookstores and newsstands in magazine sections.

Photos from "GENT" magazine session 18 Mar06


OCTOBER 31, 2006 Claire LaFemmeDC & OS Productions, together with Amber Foxx and Dick Jonson and Diamond JIM.

THE POPPY IS ALSO A FLOWER  New on Videos:  French partners and video clips from Paris

"Hashish" and" Sheik" promo photo  Claire is back in  DC: from her extended OVERSEAS adventures

 Golden triangle.




LONDON  Commercial Film Productions for "RUDE BRITANNIA"  of United Kingdom, in SOHO and MAYFAIR LONDON (14-20 February, 2006)

the gallery of photos of Claire with Adult actors of ENGLAND:  TONY,  SAM GRIM,  ALEXIS of GLASGOW, KENT of PLYMOUTH , LINDA of YORK, and CHELSEy and LOLITA of HUNGARY with "Rude Britannia"  in SOHO,  LONDON, Credits: RUDE BRITANNIA,   AVN LAS VEGAS NEVADA 4-10 January 2006 "VENETIAN" CASINO Las Vegas Professional


AUGUST 1-15, 06 INTERNEXT in Hollywood FLORIDA




To see PARTY 5th AUG 2006 of Internext of live show on stage Claire with Serena and Gabriela of Canada visit this CANADIAN website

See the VIDEO of Claire LaFemmeDC & two Canadians at the Live stage night club performance


(Warning: The video is large and may take a while to download, sorry!)


See the pictures at


AUG 06 Updates are  up tonight.


AUGUST 1-15, 2006 Live Stage performance from internext Wild parties

in Miami South BEACH. This was a party sponsored by and with my Canadian friends. After this Party we -Me and Gina de PALMA ( ) left for another party in South Beach sponsored by Porno DAN ( and his lovely friend Karen Fisher it was a pajama party, but since we arrived at 3:30 AM after Canadian and EPOCH. COM party -we did not have a chance to swing in a cozy pajama. We met there with Captain BOB a famous pornstar from Hollywood and drove back together in a HAMMER style limo, courtesy of PORNODAN. I think all together we arrived back in our DIPLOMAT hotel at around 7 AM. just about to hit the beach for morning swim. But no:  we still have business in hotel before going to sleep and more networking...

It was BUSY!  New Update gallery of 3 AUG KICK OFF Party of AVN Internext-Online  is here

click on PHOTOS to get in the 3-4 of AUG of Internext EXPO with Gina de PALMA,

PORNODAN, Montreal EXPO and Captain BOB! GINA DE PALMA (,


Straight from RIO DE JANEIROXXX.

LAST GAY PARTY at the DIPLOMAT Westin Hollywood Fl

Captain BOB,a Famous PORN STAR from LA,


PORNODAN avec Sexy KAREN Karen Fisher,


  Guys from Amsterdam, Holland, (INTERCLIMAX),

Mister ( ,Mr My Virtual Card and Friends from Montreal and OTTAWA, Canada.

Mark from, etc etc, etc.JOE and ME. Joe was not in the GAY party he was with his co.

The Grand finale PARTY at the Miami Night Club  sponsored by

with my Canadian friends from Montreal Expo, and follow up in PAJAMA Party in South Beach Night club 

sponsored by legendary Porno DAN   and  his beautiful hostess of the night

 Karen Fisher  of DC with my friend Gina De PALMA  of




-- AVN Online Convention in Hollywood Beach fl 5 star hotel

  FILM DVD 'The Valley of the RED POPPY"  is ready for production. LaFemmeDC 2006


Las Vegas for Filmmaker Charlie BIGGS with Rick Masters and Jay FOXXX

-- NYC for "Gent"  magazine 18-19 MARCH 2006 "GENT MAGAZINE"  18-19 March 2006 Claire MONEY, Amber Foxx and

   Japanese Lucy in threesome scene GENT magazine. We also did a two videos for  "GOTHAM" studio (Ken Viverito).

SOHO  & MAYFAIR of LONDON, for "Red Light of LONDON"  title DVD, England. February 2006,

LONDON,  England  14-21 February 2006, "RUDE BRITANNIA" 

--- with PORNODAN and SARA JAY in Washington DC  Feb 2006

--  Charlie Biggs productions: Rick Masters and Guy di SILVA in Las Vegas January

-- Adult Video Network convention in Las Vegas, the VENETIAN casino, January 2006

    Las Vegas for AVN  3-11- January 2006   Shoot for CHARLIE BIGGS  with Rick Masters  and Guy Di SILVA


-NYC 19-23 DEC 2005, NYC NJ -- GENT and NYC  17-24 NOV 05, LAS VEGAS

with GINA De PALMA 23-27 OCT 05;

-Soldier Of FORTUNE Convention in CHARLOTTE  29-Sep-1 OCT 05,

-GENT magazine NJ  18-19 SEP, Richmond 30 Aug -1 SEP, Philadelphia 20-24 AUG




-Miami SOUTH BEACH 27-29 AUG

MAGAZINES CREDITS:  (2006-2005) USA and Uk and FRANCE

18-19 March 2006,"GENT" Magazine shoot in NJ/ Another magazine Shoot for GENT magazine in GENT studio in NJ. I was supporting model from Iowa, Amber FOXX  for the column -- the same as what I had in January issue, of GENT magazine. The magazine will be printed in JUNE JULY. The new photo series of Claire LaFemmeDC, Amber FOXXX and LUCY of TOKYO will be in the next update.

Actresses:  Japanese LUCY, Amber FOXXX from IOWA and Claire LaFemmeDC

We also did 2 videos for Ken Viverito company Long Island.NY.


22 February 2006,

 Washington DC  filming with Sara Jay and PORNODAN in Washington DC. I currently uploaded photo gallery of Sara and me on PHOTOS gallery. The Clips and film will be coming up in a few week.

PORN STAR Sara  JAY  (Las Vegas)  and  PORN STAR PornoDan  (Baltimore) Pornodan now has a BAR "RED FISH" on BOSTON Street in Baltimore. )

PORN STAR Sara  JAY  (Las Vegas)  and  PORN STAR PornoDan  (Baltimore)

LONDON  Commercial Film Productions for

18-19 March 2006,"GENT" Magazine shoot in NJ/ Another magazine Shoot for GENT magazine in GENT studio in NJ. I was supporting model from Iowa, Amber FOXX  for the column -- the same as what I had in January issue, of GENT magazine. The magazine will be printed in JUNE JULY. The new photo series of Claire LaFemmeDC, Amber FOXXX and LUCY of TOKYO will be in the next update.Actresses:  Japanese LUCY, Amber FOXXX from IOWA and Claire LaFemmeDC.  We also did 2 videos for Ken Viverito company Long Island.NY.22 February 206 Washington DC  filming with Sara Jay and PORNODAN in Washington DC. I currently uploaded photo gallery of Sara and me on PHOTOS gallery. The Clips and film will be coming up in a few week.




"RUDE BRITANNIA"  of United Kingdom, in SOHO and MAYFAIR LONDON (14-20 February, 2006)

The gallery of photos of Claire with Adult actors of ENGLAND:  TONY,  SAM GRIM,  ALEXIS of GLASGOW, KENT of PLYMOUTH , LINDA of YORK,

and CHELSEy and LOLITA of HUNGARY with "Rude Britannia"  in SOHO,  LONDON, Credits: "RUDE BRITANNIA",





DAVID  in LONDON.NightBar somewhere in Mayfair

David & PETER  UK.

Richard and Claire Andersson, London


Claire Andersson and Pink LIMO  with M I 6 Plates. London

ALEXIS -- and Claire Andersson (LaFemmeDC) have a lot of FUNXXX to work with Alexis of Manchester!

ENGLISH PORN STARS at final Dinner in Italian Restaurant in SOHO.

from Left to right: Sam Gram, TONY, Pasqual, Johnny Rocket (friend) , AISHA, make Up Artist) Claire Andersson. Feb 20, 2006, London, UK.





This is a Camo shirt from Vietnam vet soldier that  I bought in the Mil surplus store


My Friend from Afghanistan

Claire is back in  DC: series in Downtown location videos and photo galleries.

I also regained my old partners from Amsterdam and new friends who are helping me to rebuild. 

Webcam voyeur peep shows from AMSTERDAM. non stop 24/7.  Click on Above LINKS for shows from Amsterdam.




  On 7th of January 2006 the INTERNEXT (Adult websites ) convention was over. It was empty in anyway because who wants to go to the computer's show (adult net billing, charge, content, hosting and webmasters)  when there is a BALL of ADULT industry in the next room. It was hilarious, as the SANDS EXPO decided to place three adult conventions: AVN AEE  porn producers and talents,  INTERNEXT -- adult websites,  andB2B -- Market place for Adult Toys and condoms convention side by side with Consumers Electronics convention. Of course the Las Vegas History channel and Conventions channel a well all all local TV stations broadcasted about our conventions and that was in conjunction with Consumer electronics conventions next door to us.  The men in black suites and white dress shorts and ties -- who attended the CES electronics conv.  lost their heads from seeing so much porn around them. Ohlala.!  At the last day of convention,  after I saw REBECCA LUV  --- who is alive and well, (there were terrible mean rumors that she is not well  its LIE.)   and with Rebecca's Agent a woman with big breasts. and trying to see SEKA -- who supposed to appear but finally changed her mind about it i guess... I met a crowd of women wafting at the stand of METRO MOVIES STUDIO

for RON JEREMY to appear and to sign the boobs and posters.  I was faithfully waiting in line as number 5  for RON at his BOOTH of METRO MOVIES,.   After about one hour  he appeared. The crowd was HEATED, and it stopped the traffic. Metro was located near RED LIGHT District co.,  and VIVID. Women were standing for an hour with their husbands and boy friends to get signature from RON.




Mis DEJA -BUSY!,  PUEBLO distributor,RON JEREMY,  Red Light STANDJOHN from VENICE beach, Dennis Hoff of BUNNy RANCH


He did meet with me too.. and we kissed and kissed again and he liked to kiss me.Oh did I like to kiss RON?  YES!!! He is fantastic FRENCH KISSERXXX.  After kissing me twice he invited me to his suite. And because I was all BLAZE -- and could not understand that it is really happening to me... he wrote it on my hand. At 5 PM  be here!  at is booth of METRO.You can see his writing on my hand  in black pen for signatures of posters on the GALLERY of Claire and RICK MASTERS  in PHOTO GALLERY.RON also gave to me his personal cell phone number and suite number BUT i decided to come to his Booth at 5 PM on the dot. The men who worked for RON were waiting and looking for me. When I got back in AVN floor,  he spotted me (RON did) and he said that I must come in the his booth and stand right beside him and behind him as he signed the posters and kissed the nipples. IT WAS UNBELIEVABLE:  TO SIT BEHIND RON JEREMY as his date in the Metro Movies booth and drink his bottle of soda that he shared with me. I was with RON all together -- on the AVN Floor in his booth by him in front of everybody and all my friends saw me-- while they were walking by  from the show and to the AVN -- that CLAIRE is with RON /behind RON --in METRO... RON JEREMY, METRO MOVIES, WOW I just cannot tell you what it felt like. Then HEIDI FLEISS and DENNIS HOF came there -- to support RON and to APPEAR: the crowd became wild... HEIDI FLEISS is so beautiful and when she walked by me just 20 cm from me -- I told to her I love you HEIDI HEIDI FLEISS & DENNIS  HOF Owner of Bunny Ranch you can also  see her photos on my AVN Gallery. as well as me and DENNIS HOF and a Celebes photographer from Santa MONICA. ASHTON MOORE a Vixen from VIVID,   DENNIS HOF an owner of BUNNY RANCH NEVADA,  ur play Media a home of MAGNUM Publications and Gent magazine, Claire and Taylor Wane  and her entertainment company, signed poster for my friend who adores her in Washington DC.  MAIN ACTOR from "PIRATES" Award nominee movie of the year, with Miss DEJA, or,  HERE they are:  Ron Jeremy, Heidi FLEISS and DENNIS HOF of Bunny Ranch at Metro Movies stand; Heidi between RON and Dennis at METRO Movies;  LIDIA from BERLIN;  Claire and porn star from VIVID. It was all unbelievable. ..... and my head is still goes around....The same evening after I spent two hours with RON JEREMY in his suite,  I shoot for CHARLIE BRIGGS with RICK MASTERS. I started my website business in 2001. If I would be a little smarter and bolder, I would gone to AVN right away in 2000. I definitely will be there next year and in SUMMER TIME.  The next Convention of adult industry will be in EUROPE, it is VENUS BERLIN. I will tell you stories from this place. Claire LaFemmeDC 36DDD 

I also spend an evening in the suite of RON JEREMY with RON and HIS FRIENDS before AVN CEREMONY.


18 December,   2005 Video productions with GINA de PALMA XXX in her studio in Manhattan.  23 December,  2005.  My new 2 DVDs (1)  The Fairy of the Red Poppy and (2)  'Encore L'AMOUR"  is Here!!! .      


  "GENT" MAGAZINE AND 2 NEW DVDS: with Amber Foxxx and Dixk JONSON and Diamond Jim.


I was on Audition for GENT magazine in September 18,05 in Wayne, NJ, and I  was published in 2 "GENT" magazines in NOV and DEC and you can buy it in the newsstands. the porn photo shoot ill be published in the magazine in the end of the Winter --Spring. The last magazine GENT studio shoot was on 18 November, 05, PORNXXX Photo shoot for GENT with porn male actor Dick Johnson. You can see me and DICK (with Anton Fury doing photos, and Dick's wife  Amber FOXXX and Diamond JIM of CHICAGO)  on the "VIDEO" department coming up this weekend. You can purchase a copy of "GENT" magazine from me personally with my autograph and kiss as a collectible item.


I have two new DVD came out on the market in December 23. 2005.  'The Fairy of the RED POPPY" starring  PORNODAN,  Lesbian cadres Claire Hot Angelina and Sweet Vanessa,  and Claire and Clyde of Baltimore South American motives  'Encore L'Amour"  starring Porno Dan, Clyde, KAYCEE MONROE, Miss DEJA.

You can review the photo images of the DVDs  on this page:

We did a big and good photo shoot on 12-12-05  with PORNODAN in DC and on 12-18-05 with GINA De PALMA and MISTER G  of French GUYANA  in NYC.  You can purchase autographed personal copy of GENT for $20 from me or for $25 on website.   The DVDs cost is $25 + S&H ($5)/via USPS ground.  The GENT magazine Issue of November 17th, 2005,  More to know and to see please visit my pages: PHOTOS. or go to  Claire De Montpellier among the most beautiful women in the USA. Je vous-embrasser.XOXO


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  Claire in GENT:   buy your own magazine from me for your personal collection!XXX

"...I am the Associate Editor of GENT magazine, the Editor of D-CUP magazine and the Publisher of CLEAVAGE magazine. I had the pleasure of shooting Claire La Femme DC for our publications. She is loaded with charisma, seduction and charm. Her level of enthusiasm and passion for the project is indicative of her true self. My staff and I were greatly impressed by her performance in front of the camera. I am certain that Claire is equally impressive with those fortunate enough to receive her undivided attention. Look for Claire's steamy pictorial coming this Dec in "
Gent's" Christmas issue. I promise you will NOT be disappointed. She will be making frequent appearances in our publications so be sure to stop by the review for her latest issues.
Breast Wishes,

Rhiannon   PUBLISHER MAGNA Publications (GENT, CLEAVAGE, D-CUP, SWANK magazines)


(2005-09-28) TrystDC from DC Incredible website...jam packed with entertaining information, great photos, videos and shots of the most delicious, delectable erotic woman around. Great Site!!!  (Thank you William of DC)
2005-09-28) Porno Dan from MEC Multimedia A great lady to work with, who always gives 110 %. We would recommend her for any shoot or as quality companion.     (Thank you "Porno Dan" of Baltimore)

(2005-09-28) Lawrencee
from Arizona I absolutely love Claire. She is by far the sexiest most cool woman I have ever met. The body and attitude are simply the best. I was so relaxed with her, she has a way of making you feel
________________________  (Thank you Lawrence of Phoenix AZ)

Larry P from New Jersey Claire is a Viking Goddess. Her picture are great, but being with her is better. You can feel her softness, her tenderness and caring and smell her sexuality. She know that she is a woman, and will show you, all that a women should be. Once with her, you will find it difficult to leave. There is a movie about Everybody loves MARY, Claire is the XXX version of the movie. I almost hate to share her!!   (Thank you Larry of New Jersey New Arc)

(2005-09-28) Majid from Washington, DC I love this site! Claire is so damn sexy and what's best of all?? SHE'S LOCAL!! Allah Most adult film stars are out in west coast and well we know how expensive it is to go out there. But the great thing about Claire is that she's a neighborhood girl! Keep tem coming Claire! We love you, especially me! (2005-09-28) Majid from DC i love Claire! she is absolutely a gorgeous, sexy, and adorable woman! What's best about her is that she's local! Most adult film stars are all the way out in the west coast and we all know how hard it is to get out there. The best thing about her is that she is a neighborhood girl! We love you Claire, especially me ;)   (Thank you Majid -Mohammad porn star from Tyson's Corner VA)
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