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Stage Name:   La Femme DC®
My Stats:   J'aime PARIS
Ethnicity: European-US citizen
Bust: 36DD
Waist: 22
Hips: 30
Height: 6'
Weight: 125
Hair: blonde
Eyes: Blue


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  La Femme DC  !!!J'aime PARIS!XXX

Finland is a part of Scandinavian peninsula, and is located on the North of Europe. The Scandinavian countries are: Kingdoms of Sweden, Norway, and Denmark, and Republics of Finland and Iceland.
I am an American citizen for a long time already. MARK LAWRENCE ROEMER my PROTEGE and HUSBAND. I love to model and started modeling career in Helsinki, Finland,  for several national Finnish and French companies. I also was working for Gabriel De Breeders company & Nina Eklund in Helsinki. My uncle was in WInter War in 1939,and they have 10 children in the cold winter when Soviet Union attacked Finland, and Staling was in pact with Hitler. My cousin is in Finnish Army reserves -and he is Ranger, or YEGGERI, Captain. My brother is in NAVY also,and so is my dad.
LaFemmeDC® is an adult entertainment for men live online. I have created this website to communicate with fans of La Femme DC® around the Globe directly from SILVER SPRING, MARYLAND-KENT NARROWS, MARYLAND. On my website you will find adventures of American Swede La Femme DC® DC , viking busty blonde, her Swedish erotica French Parisian Sensuality and HOT American risque adventures du jour, my beautiful girlfriends, and everything you could possibly want to know about La Femme DC® and the XXX life I lead influenced by another Character I saw in 1997 on my TV in the house somewhere in Southern Swampy area.It was LA FEMME NIKITA. Homeless and Framed. I felt related to her, and drew this connection, MARK LAWRENCE ROEMER.
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  La Femme DC, La Femme DC