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it is about Major of Special Forces Larry THORNE, in Finnish Larry Tourni.

He fought against Soviet army in Winter War - Finland against Soviet Union, 1939. It was Winter time when Finland fought hard time with Soviet Stalin

Army and won.

Hitler attacked East Europe and Stalin attacked Finland, Latvia and Lithuania and Estonia and Prussia.

Captain Torni was Finnish Jaeger-- a sort of Special forces trained by Finnish and Germans.

In 1939 Soviets withdrew from Finland, with big losses. Finland the same as many Scandinavian Nordic countries invited Western Allies to protect Finalnd against Soviet expansion to the West. When in 1942 Soviet army attacked Finland again they bombed and burned Helsinki. Finnish government evacuated to the city of WASA. Then there was peace and Marshall Mannerheim left Finland for Switzerland. New Socialist Government replaced Mannerheim, who was very conservative royal and because Soviet generals hated him for wining the WINTER War.LARRY TORNI was in Jaeger force in Finnish snipers

and he used special US Congress ACT to join US Army. After the War II  many German Swedish and FINNISH officers joined US Army and went back to Europe to fight against Nazis. Later Captain Torni changed his name to Larry THORNE, from Connecticut.

 He Joined Special Forces and left for Vietnam. In Vietnam as a Special Forces officer he was in two tours.

In the middle end of the second tour, he went with his Intel on Intel mission .His helicopter went down.

When search and reconnaissance group went to look for Major Thorne and his team,  they did not find no body no remains but helicopter.

For many many decades death of Major Larry THORNE was a mystery. There was guesses that Soviets and Chinese and Laotians communists intercepted him and his people and sent him to die in GULAG in Siberia. They hated him.

But then later on, another and another Finnish and American US Govt search teams went to look up for missed in action heroes

and they recovered information about Major THORNE death.

Major Thorne is buried on the ARLINGTON National CEMETERY in Virginia near Washington DC.

Major THORNE was buried in presence of his compatriots and team members from Special Forces and his Commander of the Special Forces in Vietnam.

In the Movie GREEN Berets' what was based on many many commanders of Special Forces, John Wayne played Green Beret Commander and many tell that

John Wayne reminded them of him.

John Wayne when he was acting as Special Forces Green Beret commander.

For more information about Larry Thorne you can Google on the Internet under search words Larry THORNE. WWII, Winter War, Vietnam war.


You can also visit Arlington Cemetery and put flowers on his Grave in memory of Larry Thorne Special Forces hero.

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